Telephone and Online Survey Responses

A few weeks ago, the Cass County Planning Office initiated a telephone and online survey directed at township officers and township residents that sought input on zoning related issues. (See Cass County Rural Planning and Zoning Survey) To date, 147 responses have been received. We are thankful for the many respondents who took the time to provide thoughtful feedback. Some initial analysis has been completed on the survey responses, and a few key points from those results are listed below:

  • Feedlots/animal feeding operations, landfills/solid waste facilities, and large volume chemical storage all had 70 or more responses indicating a concern by the respondent or the township of the respondent.
  • Man camps, wind farms, residential subdivisions, non-ag related businesses, and adult entertainment all had 45 or more responses indicating a concern.
  • Of the remaining land uses, the number of respondents with concerns ranged from 38 down to 24.

One comment made by a respondent was that the types of land uses listed as potential concerns in the survey was too limited. Several other comments from the survey responses addressed specifics such as the impact of development on roads and road maintenance, the importance of local control over land use, and the need for follow up on the survey. This article is the first of several that will summarize results from the survey and invite additional comment and discussion.

If you have further thoughts on other land uses not listed in the survey that are also a concern to townships, please let us know. You can complete a comment by emailing or calling Grace Puppe, Cass County Planner at 701-298-2375 with your thoughts.