Cass County Rural Planning and Zoning Survey

Cass County is asking rural residents to complete an online survey

Cass County is kicking off a planning effort to update the County Subdivision Ordinance and develop a model zoning ordinance that could be adopted by townships. In 2018, Cass County adopted a new comprehensive plan that outlined objectives and strategies to enhance services and outreach to the rural part of the county. As part of the enhanced service, the County Planning Office is updating the county subdivision regulations and developing model zoning regulations. This effort will help Cass County to compliment the local land use ordinances of the townships. It will also provide options for the townships to update their regulations or collaborate with the county on land use management.

To better understand the concerns that rural residents have regarding rural land use and development, the Cass County Planning Office is asking them to fill out an online survey. Township Officers will receive a phone call asking them to complete the survey by phone. Recognizing that a phone survey may not be feasible for some Township Officers, the online survey is another option for them to provide input. The goal of the survey is to identify concerns of rural residents related to planning and zoning to allow a more informed process to updating or drafting these regulations.

For more information please go to the project website or fill out the survey here. Please contact Grace Puppe, County Planner at (701) 298-2375 or Jason Benson, County Engineer at (701) 298-2370 if there are questions regarding the survey.